• Test & Learn Concept

    Business applications

There is only one way to do Test & Learn.
But so many valid reasons to use it.

You’ll always find an excuse to run a Test & Learn campaign.

When exactly are you supposed to leverage the Test & Learn methodology? We could answer: “every time you are not 100% sure that you know how to communicate through Direct Marketing a perfect value proposition, in a perfect way”. In other words, you might use Test & Learn for every single Direct Marketing campaign in your marketing plan. But obviously there is absolutely no constraint: if you only want to run a test from time to time, go ahead. You’ll still learn a lot.

Here are some selected (and far for exhaustive) examples of business applications for the Test & Learn approach:

Teanler can implement the Test & Learn approach in every industry.

You can work in the Financial Services sector. You can be the leading mobile operator in your country. Some may consider you as the worldwide guru of the consumer or luxury goods industry… This is pointless, since you can enjoy the Test & Learn approach in virtually every business field, if you already run some Direct Marketing initiatives on your customer base. And if you don’t, start thinking about it. Because putting together Direct Marketing and Test & Learn may well be your new Eldorado.

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