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    Test & Learn workshops

Teanler gives you all the recipes.
So you can play on your own.

You already know that Test & Learn is good for you?
Statistics do not scare you off?
You’d love to improve your DM skills?

Learn how to do it by yourself.

When you start to figure out the importance of Test & Learn for your business growth, you quickly understand that it may be good idea to consider it as a Strategic asset for your firm. And, for sure, there’s no better place than your desk for your Strategic assets.
That’s the reason why Teanler can share with you all the Test & Learn knowledge that you need to become an expert in a very short time.

It’s not just a question of methodology.

Test & Learn requires a structured approach and a certain experience. But this is not enough. Implementing a successful Test & Learn dynamic also requires some technical knowledge, a set of very detailed processes and some statistical models that nobody will ever be able to (re)invent from scratch.

This is exactly what Teanler will provide you with, far beyond any kind of pure Theory.

A proven learning process based on interactions.

We hate lecture, we flee from “chalk and talk”. We are convinced that the best way to transfer our Test & Learn knowledge is by maximizing interactions with you, especially because every business context is different and requires some adjustments. That’s the reason why we created a set of 5 workshops where our expertise meets your knowledge of the firm you work for. We give you all the tools in a way that perfectly fits your specific situation and current skills.
More specifically, in these workshops, you’ll find four main components:


Presentation of objectives, methodology, roles and responsibilities, do’s and don’ts, … Everything you need to know before you put your shoulder to the wheel.


Presentation of formulas, models, processes, useful tips, … This is all about Test & Learn hidden technique.


Completion of a concrete case where you put into practice all the elements seen previously. The content of the case may vary according to your specific needs.


Transmission and delivery of all the tools associated to the Test & Learn approach: statistical models, detailed processes, reporting tools, … We will provide you with everything you need.

5 days. The average time you need to be Test & Learn-ready.

Every situation is different and we will always adapt the story if needed, according to your peculiarities or specific requirements. But, most of the time, you can expect from Teanler a 5-day workshop session to absorb all the elements you need to be fully independent during your next Test & Learn campaigns. A crumb compared to the several months that your favorite consulting firm will ask for, if it really knows what to do.

Detailed methodology

Objectives, rules, detailed steps, processes, roles and responsibilities, timing, obstacles and solutions, …

Experimental Design

Different types of Experimental Designs (ED), creation of an ED, statistical models, tests of robustness (D-efficiency, …), inclusions and exclusions, …


Definition of variables, threshold integration, statistical models, independent vs. crossed variables, control checks, …

Reporting tools

Automated tools, significance check, profitability assessment, extrapolations, presentation frameworks, …

Elasiticities and simulations

Robustness testing, simple elasticities, cross-effects integration, simulation of combinations, decision support systems, …

No lofty words. Everything is included.

We don’t think that speaking about Test & Learn for a week is enough to make you run on your own. Teanler’s workshops include everyting you need to launch a Test & Learn campaign from A to Z, completely by yourself. Beyond the workshop sessions, you will get all the statistical models, a set of detailed processes which will guide you step by step through the whole methodology, and a number of dedicated reporting tools to help you follow the status of your campaign on a weekly or monthly basis.

Should you need to adapt the agenda or ask for a specific content not included in this package, feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to assess the feasibility with you.