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    Test & Learn campaigns

Teanler takes care of everything.
You can rest easy.

You don’t have the resources?
You don’t want to invest?
You’re just sceptical?

Keep it outsourced.

If you don’t want to insource your Test & Learn activity, or if you don’t have the resources yet to conduct efficient Test & Learn campaigns, this should be your solution.
Our expert team will get in touch with you, will take place in the driver’s seat, will pilot everything from A to Z and will take care of all the technical part for you.
You’ll be provided with a crystal-clear vision of the campaign’s status on a regular basis, and with all the conclusions of the test.
At last, based on the results of the analysis, Teanler will identify the best possible combinations for your campaign, and the associated expected performance increase.

In any case, we will never require any data you might consider as confidential. The customer names in the files you send us should always be kept anonymous

A straight-forward process with very few effort from your side.

Our pricing: clear, transparent… and extremely convenient.

Finding a truely independent Test & Learn expert on the market is almost an impossible mission. And if ever you think you found it, be ready to invest hundreds of thousands of euros to get in 6 months (if you’re lucky) something which may be called Test & Learn but that you’ll have to experience on your own… at your own risk.
Our pricing model is as clear and transparent as the solutions we provide. And, by the way, it’s also unbeatable.

If you cannot find a solution which matches your speficic needs in this table, please contact us: we will surely find the right approach for you.

And, one more thing: for Teanler, confidentiality is key.

Teanler will never disclose any information regarding the content of your test campaign or any other information about your company before, during and after the mandate.