• Case study #1

    Consumer Finance

Features test for the launch of an innovative credit card
by a leading international Consumer Finance specialist.

Main test characteristics

   Company profile

A leading Consumer Finance specialist belonging to a large international banking group, with hundreds of billions of outstandings.

   Test objective

Identify the most attractive features for an innovative credit card that the company wanted to launch in one of its core countries. Some focus groups and customer surveys had already been conducted beforehand, and led to some contrasted conclusions that had to be verified and challenged.

   Test channel

Mailing + outbound call follow-up.

   Test structure

Four dimensions (pricing, installment flexibility, payment option and teaser rate) and 3 to 5 values for each dimension, corresponding to a total of 300 combinations (5x4x3x5).
14 test cells launched on the market to simulate the results of these 300 combinations.

   Target customers

420.000 customers representative of the overall customer database. Each of the 14 test cells has been populated with 30.000 customers, presenting the same characteristics than the total population of the test.

Final test results

After 3 months, the extrapolation of the results observed on the 14 test cells led to the identification of an optimal value proposition: a “flexible” credit card with a slightly higher price than the standard credit card, offering revolving feature as an option and with a 2-month teaser rate.
The things became even more interesting when the test revealed that some of the focus groups and customer surveys’ conclusions did not correspond to the customers’ actual expectations, leaving some important room for ultimate product adjustments against the original version which would have been launched without Test & Learn. As compared to this original version, the increase in revenues and profitability reached +28% and +42% respectively… corresponding to millions of euro of additional profit per year, given the number of acquired customers.

Performance gap between original and best offers (base 100 = original offer)