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Success is at your door. Just turn the Test & Learn key.

A growing success that needs to spread even further.

Test & Learn is not another cool gadget that will waste your company’s time and money. It is a scientific approach to Direct Marketing which has already been implemented by many renown companies all around the world, contributing actively to their successful growth (see History and Business applications).
Capital One, an American banking institution, is the most famous example of Test & Learn success. But there many other interesting cases in Europe, where some Consumer Goods, Pharma or Telco giants already confirmed the outstanding benefits of the approach.

Test & Learn was born to boost your business. And it works.

What can you expect from the Test & Learn approach in terms of performance increase for your business? Will it be an additional 30bps in redemption rate on your mailing campaigns? A +20% in revenues associated to your next emailing initiative? Nobody can foresee the upside before having analysed your test results, but you can reasonably rely on some real project examples based on Teanler’s extensive experience.
To learn more, select one of the success stories below:

A “features” test for the launch of an innovative credit card by a leading international Consumer Finance specialist. This test revealed that some conclusions coming from a number of focus groups and customer surveys did not correspond to the customers’ actual expectations.

A “customization test” for the car insurance mailing campaign of a leading multinational Insurance company. This test allowed to identify the right customization level to register the highest positive gap between additional revenues and additional production costs (differentiated layouts, …) compared to the standard universal offer.

A “pricing and communication” test for the “World” option of a mobile operator in Europe. The test has been conducted on 5 different customer segments, and led to the identification of an optimal offer for each of them.