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When it's about Test & Learn, Teanler is on your side.
Simply choose your preferred option.

Whatever your Test & Learn skills, Teanler will always have a solution for you.

You may have heard of Test & Learn for the first time a few minutes ago. You may be a frequent Test & Learn user. You may want to improve your existing Champion Challenger approach. In any case, Teanler will always have the right solution to boost the performance of your business.
Benefiting from many years of experience in Test & Learn implementation, we can easily adapt our methodology to perfectly fit your peculiarities and specific requirements. No one better than Teanler can provide you with this outstanding Test & Learn expertise – look no further.

Let’s make it simple: three situations, three solutions.

Teanler’s value proposition is structured around 3 main categories, depending on your current and expected proficiency in Test & Learn. Click below to learn more about each of them.

Teanler takes care of everything.
You can rest easy.

Your current situation:

   You would like to run some Test & Learn campaigns but you don’t want to invest in a in-house solution.

Your solution:

   Let Teanler take care of the technical part, and just focus on the field marketing. We’ll design the test and analyse all the results for you, remotely.

Teanler gives you all the recipes.
So you can play on your own.

Your current situation:

   You know that Test & Learn is good for you, and you want to insource the skills and the models, in order to do it by yourself.

Your solution:

   Find out every secret of the T&L approach and learn how to use the statistical models. Thanks to Teanler, you’ll soon become a Test & Learn guru.

Teanler fixes your T&L approach.
You’ll make a fresh start.

Your current situation:

   You already have a T&L methodology in place but you don’t manage to get the most out of it, or you believe that it could be further improved.

Your solution:

   You can count on Teanler experts to challenge your current approach and provide you with all the tools to reach the next level in Test & Learn.

Even if you cannot find an answer to your specific need into one of these categories, Teanler will always find the right approach to match your specifications. Simply contact us and we will discuss it with you.