• Test & Learn Concept

    A unique approach

Test & Learn is not "Champion Challenger". It's just 10 times more powerful

Test & Learn extracts the truth from your customers.

You can ask a customer what he wants, he will often answer the same thing: more quality, at a lower price. And that’s probably right, by the way. But that’s not what you want to hear, because you already know that. And, even more important, that won’t tell you how you should communicate to attract his attention.
Test & Learn brings objectivity, precision and innovation in the way you read and assess your customers’ reactions to your value proposition and commercial stimuli. Your customers may lie, Test & Learn will never do.


Unlike usual survey processes (opinion polls, focus groups, …), the Test & Learn approach brings a fully objective answer to questions about the actual impact of a specific characteristic of your value proposition or communication. Your customer will not tell what he would like or not: he will really act.


With the Test & Learn methodology, the “intuitive” impacts of a specific dimension are quantified in a very precise way and allow to assess the actual profitability of a specific initiative / feature: perform a follow-up by phone or mail has certainly a positive impact on return rate… but is the increase sufficient to justify the additional cost?

   Innovation and breakthrough findings

The Test & Learn approach gives a clear answer to a number of “non intuitive” impacts, often linked to communication (eg. is it better to send the mailing in a red or a blue envelope?), and can even highlight some interesting counter-intuitive impacts (eg. negative impact of an excessively attractive promotion)

Test & Learn vs. Champion Challenger or Split Testing.

The “Champion Challenger” approach is already well known: you launch at the same time 2 (or more) different offers and you compare the results to identify the one which performed better than the others. But what can you do if you want to test simultaneously more than 200 combinations? Or even 10? Most of the time, you just can’t because you don’t have enough customers or you don’t have the budget. Well, you could try to compare the results of several combinations tested during different marketing campaigns over one year… but would it be reliable to compare the results of a campaign that you launched in January with another one that you launched 10 months later? Probably not, if you compete in an evolving market. But sincerely, who does not?
With the Test & Learn approach, you can leverage the same number of contacts to test a much higher number of combinations at the same time. And the best is coming now:

You will be able to identify the best combination, even if you never launched it on the market.

How is it possible? Because the Test & Learn models will extrapolate the observed results to all theoretical combinations of your value proposition’s characteristics.
The Champion Challenger is dead. Long live the Test & Learn!

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