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The devil is in the details. Let’s crush the devil.

Test & Learn is not a top-secret approach. Many companies already use it on a day-to-day basis, and you can even find some indications about the technical aspects somewhere on the web. But if you don’t know how to run a Test & Learn campaign successfully, and if nobody does it for you in a customized way, you will probably never get it to work. And if you really want to try by yourself, you will have to use some uncertified (and “uncustomized”) models, and you’ll certainly end up with misleading results.
In other words, better do nothing than triffle with Test & Learn. Because Test & Learn is a bit more complex than it may seem. It’s not only a matter of statistical models: an extremely structured approach is also key to ensure the success of the initiative. A Test & Learn campaign is made of hundreds of small details and other potential issues that have to be handled correctly.

A sophisticated four-step approach. Made simple by Teanler.

Test & Learn is a very detailed process comprised of many actions which require some extensive knowledge in marketing, maths, statistics, IT, datamining, … supplemented by a lot of experience. All these actions can be summarized in four main steps, indipendently of the contents of your test.

This is Teanler's exclusive value: make Test & Learn simple and accessible.

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  • 1 - Decide
    1 - Decide
  • 2 - Run the models
  • 3 - Launch the campaign
  • 4 - Read and find out

1 - Decide

2 - Run the models

3 - Launch the campaign

4 - Read and find out

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