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Our ambition: Direct Marketing performance.
Our team: some of the best existing Test & Learn experts.
Our success: yours.

Teanler is the leading independent contributor to Test & Learn success stories worldwide.

Our mission is to make Test & Learn accessible, without any statistical knowledge and without having to invest hundreds of thousands of euros in consulting fees or proprietary algorithms.
Our main objective is to increase the performance of your direct marketing campaigns, and we will constantly work with you in that direction until the goal is reached.
We developed a set of sophisticated statistical models which can be leveraged in almost every kind of situation with very little adjustment, and which will maximize the probability of success of your test campaigns.
Naturally, your satisfaction is our first priority and we always stick to 4 core values:


We will never sell you something that will not work. If Test & Learn cannot be implemented in your specific environment (lack of contacts, insufficient customer data, …), we will always let you know before it is too late.


Extreme precision and accuracy are two key elements when it comes to playing with Test & Learn, mainly because a small mistake in the process sometimes lead to a big impact in the final results. With Teanler on your side, you can be sure that everything will be carried out with the utmost professionalism: we’re constantly hunting for perfection, and we’re proud to say that we achieve our goal most of the time.


We know the value of your data and other corporate information. We will never ask you for any confidential customer info (all the data in the files we receive can be sanitized) and we will never disclose any kind of information regarding your company.


In some cases, time really matters. We will always do our best to provide you with the service you required, answer your questions or solve your problems as quickly as possible.

Our team.

All our experts have a significant experience in Test & Learn implementation, acquired through many projects conducted for tens of clients in many different businesses and countries.

Most of them come from the strategy consulting industry or from the Direct Marketing department of a firm which already put in a place a successful Test & Learn dynamic.

They all have a solid background in maths, finance and/or statistics in some of the most prestigious universities worldwide, and can easily interact with your firm’s senior management.

Swiss-made quality. Available worldwide.

Teanler’s headquarters are located in Switzerland, the heart of Europe. Switzerland is well known for the outstanding quality and reliability of its products and services: this also applies to statistics… and Test & Learn in particular, which requires an extreme accuracy in every single step of the methodology.
But beyond Switzerland, Teanler is an international firm and can support customers in every continent, with a strong historical focus on large European countries.
Both Teanler and teanler.com are brands belonging to Slide.it Sàrl, located in Arveyes, Switzerland.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional information.